O Cosmedics

We are very excited to announce that we  will be stocking O Cosmedics.  O is Australian owned and made and is based on decades of scientific research, clinical data and supporting papers based on functional active ingredients.

There are 3 critical elements to O-

  1. O is based on the principles of CORNEOTHERAPY: A term coined by Dr Albert Klingman to support the repair of the stratum corneum therefore improving the function of the skin barrier.  O does not support the abuse, over exfoliating or trauma of the skin.
  2. A biomimetic delivery system: A fancy word of saying “to mimic” the natural make up of the skin and its called cellular pathway.  BIO (life) MIMIC (to imitate) ensures actives not only penetrate the skin but get to communicate with (talk to) the right types of cells.
  3. Designed to fight the five major causes of aging: (1) Collagen Breakdown (2) Photo Defence (3) Oxidation (4) Inflammation (5) Glycation

O Cosmedics is about SKIN HEALTH.  In order to ensure a youthful, radiant skin it is important to treat skin with the greatest respect.


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