Q:What vaccine are you offering?

A: Currently our clinic is only offering the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.


Q: Are you taking taking bookings for the vaccination?

A: Yes. We are taking both phone booking on 9376 6884 and online booking through the health.gov.au eligibility checker.


Q: What is the new ATAGI advice?

A: The ATAGI has reviewed their advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine and recommend the Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for people under 60 years old. this doesn’t change who is currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, but it means if you are under 60 it is preferred you get the Pfizer vaccine.


Q: Why has the advice changed?

A: ATAGI have made this recommendation because for new evidence that shows the risk of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, or TTS (which is a rare blood clotting syndrome) in the 50-59 age group is higher than initially thought.



Q: I’ve had my first dose of AstraZeneca, should I get Pfizer for my second dose?

A: No, this isn’t necessary. If you have had your first AstraZeneca vaccine dose without any serious side effects, you can receive your second dose as planned. To ensure maximum long term immunity, it is important you receive two doses of the same COVID-19 vaccine.



Q: I am 60 years or over, is the AstraZeneca vaccine still safe for me?

A: Yes, the AstraZeneca vaccine is still safe for you. The risk of thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia syndrome, or TTS, is much lower in people aged 60years and over. Additionally, if you are aged 60 and over you are much more likely to become seriously unwell if you catch COVID- 19




Q: Where can I get the Pfizer vaccine?

A: some Commonwealth Vaccination Clinics are currently providing the Pfizer vaccine, along  with many state based clinics ALL CVCs and many General Practices will have Pfizer vaccines in July. To book an appointment, you can use the vaccine eligibility checker. If an appointment is not available right away, new clinics and appointments are being added regularly, so you can wait a few days and check again.



Q: I am under 60, and I am fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, do I have to get Pfizer now?

A: If you have received both doses of the vaccine you do not need to get vaccinated with any other COVID-19 vaccine.